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How big was the Giant Sloth?



There are thousands of footprints on the 20- to 30-metre-wide fragile siltstone shelf. Pehuen Co, Argentina.

3841Megatheriinae were a group of Elephant -sized Ground Sloth.

“Striking footprints left by a Megatherium, a 4-m tall prehistoric mammal that weighed up to 4 tonnes. Pehuen Co, Argentina.”

4m = 13ft 13164in (too low an estimate)

4 tonnes =8818.489904151833 (too low an estimate)

Megatherium is estimated to be over 20 feet, this one maybe more.

The size of this sloth was comparable and maybe slightly larger than T-rex.


Manera cleans a Megatherium track (about 90cm long) to record scientific data. Pehuen Co, Argentina.

Megatherium o Megaterio

Reino: Animalia

Filo: Chordata

Clase: Mammalia

Suborden: Xenarthra

Orden: Pilosa

Familia: Megatheriidae

Género: Megatherium

90cm = 2ft 11716in

 (too low an estimate) Some of the smaller footprints maybe, but the largest ones have been reportrd to be 5 feet in width.


Manera and her team measuring Megatherium footprints at the site. Pehuen Co, Argentina

Megatherium (from the Greek mega [μέγας], meaning “great”, and therion [θηρίον], “beast”) was a genus of elephant-sized ground sloths. Its large size enabled it to feed at heights unreachable by other contemporary herbivores.

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Tonnes of sand covering the strata with footprints need to be removed for each investigation. Pehuen Co, Argentina


A Megatherium track in a thin layer of sediment. Pehuen Co, Argentina