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Franklin Parrish, Louisiana 12 foot giants

Winnsboro, Louisiana 12 foot giants

Race of Men Twelve Feet Tall Lived In Louisiana.

WInnsboro, La., Dec. 15. – Skeletons of a race of giants who averaged twelve feet in height were found today by workmen engaged upon a drainage project at Crowville, near here. There were several score, at least, of the skeletons and they they lie in various positions. It is believed they were killed In a prehistoric fight, and that the bodies lay where they fell until covered with alluvial deposits due to the flooding of the Mississippi Riven
No weapons of any sort were found, and it is believed the Titans must have struggled with wooden clubs. The skulls are a perfect state of preservation, and ome of the Jaw bones are large enough to fit around a child’s body. … Twelve+Tall

How many is a score? 20

The article states several score possibly  several not a couple would minimally indicate 3

20X3+60 . . . what does 60 12 foot giants look like?

There are not measurements of them all so some may have been shoter which would mean that some would have been much, much taller.

Here is what 60 12 footers would look like: