Greater Ancestors

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Very Strong Men From England

It seems that there are recognizable traits and features that distinguishes tribes of giants. What is referred as the Neanderthal skull which has a larger brain capacity than humans today. They have thick brows a low sweeping forehead  and the back part of the skull enlarged greatly. Another is te coneheaded type like the skulls from Peru. These types have been found all over the world and have been mimicked by banding of the skull. Some of the elongated skulls are not the result of banding.

  • The individuals known as the long-headed men may be from the egyptian culture of the pharoahs known to have long skulls. These may be the beaker culture or what is known as the men of the battleaxe.
  • The broad headed men may be the Neanderthal type having large foreheads and associated with Britain.¬† It is said that this culture possess large robust skeletons and are known for their large brow ridges. From which the origin of these people might be traced back to the Polish origins of Galicia.


The intermingling and breeding practices make it hard to trace specific tribes, but i guess skull shapes might be the best way with historical verification backing up the claims. Politics it seems to always be at war with history, and the losers, and minorities have their histories rewritten. The problem is no kingdom lasts so with each successive lost previous history always seems to be rewritten. The races and cultures of the word suffer from selective memory it seems that the living does not have the answers, and the only truth is silently spoken from honest anthropological and paleontological pursuits.

~Chris L Lesley

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