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Fingerprints of the Builders

This cartoon may seem to be a little far-fetched. But hold on!!!

As we have seen above in the subject: “Giant Stones moved by Giants” that the Tomb of Rekhmire depicts giants moving great stones to build the pyramids. . . While building did they leave fingerprints?

The answer is yes, and a lot more.

  • “Inside was the mummy of a giant in life must

have been nearly eleven feet high with a thickness
ot skull greater than I supposed possible”

Giant Eqyptian Mummy

  • Actual giant fingerprints in stone at Abu Ghurab

  • Glozel Giant Handprints  10″ – 14″

Glozel France Handprints


  • giant hand replica:

From the painted rock art in Europe, to the aboriginal caves in Australia, the Human Hand has been represented since the beginning of time.
in the Jacumba Mountains through an area we had traversed many times before, the setting sun and its long shadows suddenly revealed an artifact of significant importance. Carved a long time ago, upon a small boulder was a replica of the human hand.

This carved hand, twice life size, was only the beginning welcome to a valley of ancient sculptures. As if this hand was designating a sitting spot, we stopped to scan the distant rocks that created a protective wall around the valley. As the sun continued to set.

  • On this menhir at Plougourneau, North Finistere, we can see the trace of an immeasurable fist, The giant in question may have exceeded 65 feet.

This is a very interesting piece, It is most likely a carving, however what was the artist communicating. Most likely the existence of giants. This is an exaggeration to their size. but it seems to suggest that “they” are the ones that moved these large …See More

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  • A curious pair of indentations exist on the Obelisks of Aswan, I first want you to notice the horizontal marks across these indentations. I say this because it has been suggested that on this obelisk is the footprints of its builder look at the people in the background for scale.





If you are not yet convinced, . . one more item: something better than a fingerprint, . . . “a finger with the print”! 15 inches in length!!!

There were giants in Egypt? The Roman historian Flavius Josephus reported 79 AD of such beings in the history of the Jewish War, “There were giants. Much larger and differently than normal people. Horrible to look at. Who has not seen with his own eyes, he can not believe that they have been so enormous. ”

Giant Egyptian Finger

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