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Walkerton, Indiana Giants in Copper Armor

Walkerton, Indiana Giants in Copper Armor

Adena Burial

One of the specific reports I knew about from the beginning was a report from Indiana in the 1920s. In 1925, several amateurs digging in an Indian mound at Walkerton, Indiana, uncovered the skeletons of eight very ancient humans measuring in height from eight to almost nine feet. All eight giants had been buried in “substantial copper armor.” This was a report I alluded to in the podcast although I did not have the reference before me then. This case and many other cases like it are cited on this web page:
“Accounts of Giants in North America”

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  1. I grew up in Walkerton, Indiana. The property where the Indian burial mounds were located was a Christmas tree farm. They unearthed a lot of Indian artifacts and put them on display. For a few years, every summer they had ancestors of this Indian tribe come there for a pow-wow. We all enjoyed attending it. Recently I visited the location and drove back to see the mounds once again. There was so much overgrowth, they were nearly impossible to see. If anyone wants to see them, here is the address. You might want to call first before you go to their property:

    Stuntz and Hochstetler’s Pine
    20451 N. County Line Rd. (Tyler Road)
    Walkerton, IN 46574

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