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Walkerton, Indiana Giants in Copper Armor

Walkerton, Indiana Giants in Copper Armor

Adena Burial

One of the specific reports I knew about from the beginning was a report from Indiana in the 1920s. In 1925, several amateurs digging in an Indian mound at Walkerton, Indiana, uncovered the skeletons of eight very ancient humans measuring in height from eight to almost nine feet. All eight giants had been buried in “substantial copper armor.” This was a report I alluded to in the podcast although I did not have the reference before me then. This case and many other cases like it are cited on this web page:
“Accounts of Giants in North America”

10 comments on “Walkerton, Indiana Giants in Copper Armor

  1. I grew up in Walkerton, Indiana. The property where the Indian burial mounds were located was a Christmas tree farm. They unearthed a lot of Indian artifacts and put them on display. For a few years, every summer they had ancestors of this Indian tribe come there for a pow-wow. We all enjoyed attending it. Recently I visited the location and drove back to see the mounds once again. There was so much overgrowth, they were nearly impossible to see. If anyone wants to see them, here is the address. You might want to call first before you go to their property:

    Stuntz and Hochstetler’s Pine
    20451 N. County Line Rd. (Tyler Road)
    Walkerton, IN 46574

  2. Catherine on said:

    This is not the location of the burial grounds of the 8′ to 9′ tall Indians. They are located several miles north/west of this address. There is an Indian burial grounds at the Christmas tree farm, but, it is of a different tribe of Indians.

  3. Bethany Nystrom on said:

    I grew up in Walkerton & never knew of this! Definitely going to check it out!

  4. David Carlson on said:

    This is so cool if it is real! I have been watching the lost giants on H2ch.

    • clesley on said:

      Very kewl, Most of the information out there came from a guy named Micah Ewers. Thanks to him not wanting noteriety and just wanting to share this information there you have it. Micah contacted Jim Vieira after messaging this site. Jim had been doing similar research. After Micah sharing Jim some research tips, and giving him access to over a thousand articles. Some of the research was done by me, from 2010 forward, me and Micah were sharing research daily back and forth. (exciting times) Micah Ewers is known as Rephaim23 on this site, he was using various aliases back then because this points to corruption with government agencies. He wasn’t sure how “they” would respond. ITS OUT NOW! i got into giant humans because i wanted to bolster the concept, between the three tiers Greater animals, greater humans, and greater technology . . . greater humans was the weakest tier at that time. It is very strong second now. I am glad you like the show, Jim had published articles and stories in magazines even back then. He was the right person to get this info out. The next time you see the name Micah Ewers or Micah E. Giantology know that he is responsible if any arrests are to be made, . . .lol
      ~Chris L Lesley

  5. Catherine is correct, the old Stuntz & Hochstetler Christmas tree farm was not the site of the giants this article refers to. Just for clarification it is no longer a working Christmas tree farm anymore. It is privately owned by myself and my husband and not open to the public. I do believe there are books at the Walkerton Historical Society that talk about the local burial mounds you all are interested in. Thank you.

  6. Wayne Hostetler on said:

    As a 10-year-old, 64 years ago, I attended a church hot dog roast on this mound. northwest of Walkerton. The property owner explained the mound’s significance and stated material from, or records of it, were in the St Joe County museum in South Bend. A 2nd mound a short distance away was also thought to have been the work of paleo Americans. I can supply directions to those interested.

  7. Wayne H. on said:

    It appears that this site is not straight forward. We’re being led here, skillfully, but led nonetheless.

    • clesley on said:

      Hello Wayne,
      Greater Ancestry is a scientific model that best explains our Origin. The scientific model you and i were taught is called Common-Ancestry and for several scientific reasons it fails testing. The process is devolution, not evolution I am not promoting transmutational magic just (by examples) showing that every living organism has a history of losing maturity. The research takes into account Allometrics, fractals, Neotony through the hard sciences, paleontology, anthropology and archaeology. The majority of the fossil record are giants in this model there is no need to discard 98% of the fossil record by mislabeling it extinct. Instead, the majority fits perfectly with greater ancestry. We make no claims as to why everything is shrinking, only that it is not environmental and not genetic. There is a common thread with plants, insects, mammals, reptiles etc, . . .they are all shrinking and there is a common thread causing it. Greater Ancestry is based on three tiers 1) greater animals 2) greater humans and 3) greater technology.
      ~Chris L Lesley

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