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The Bridlevale Falls Mummy

In 1895, miners working near Bridlevale Falls, California, discovered the tomb of a woman whose skeletal remains indicated that she had stood 6-feet 8-inches in height. Bridlevale Falls Bridlevale Falls.
In 1885, miners discovered the mummified remains of woman measuring 6 feet 8 inches tall holding an infant. The mummies were found in a cave behind a wall of rock in the Yosemite Valley. This mummy is now in Ripley’s believe it or not Orlando Museum. Bridlevale Falls

The Martindale Mummies seen here were acquired by Ripley’s in February 1998 from Dr. Larry Cartmell. The mother and child mummies were discovered in Yosemite Valley, California in 1891 and first displayed in Scranton, Kansas in 1899. The origin of the “Martindale Mummies” remains a mystery. Measuring an incredible 6’8″ tall, the mother is the tallest female mummy ever discovered! Believe It or Not!

If you take a look at the two pictures of the mummies which are supposed to represent two different stories, they look like the same mummy. Perhaps the Yosemite story was the true and accurate account, and the Bridlevale account was a possibly an error or fabrication.

whatever the case, The conclusion is that the physical remains do exist.

2 comments on “The Bridlevale Falls Mummy

  1. Rephaim23 on said:

    The Martindale mummies apparently were a hoax.
    This book, “The scientific study of mummies”
    By Arthur C. Aufderheide exposes them:

    When coming across old reports of giants, the two categories of hoaxes which are easy to recognize are generally: 1.) mummified giants 2.) petrified giants. And when they are exhibited at a fair or circus you can be pretty sure they are fakes.

    Legitimate reports are those which describe actual bone measurements, enormous skulls, and objects of immense size associated with the remains, and or associated with an accredited institution, professor, or Doctor who made the measurements.

    • clesley on said:

      I am going to allow people decide, i will be ok with whatever they decide. I found that the area where one of these mummies location, turned up later to turn out multiple smaller mummies. 5’8″ These were accepted and now part of a museum, I also found reports of so-called mummy factories out west. I noticed that they never even discussed the incredible height or whether it was not humanoid but a fabrication. These things brings ligitamacy and cause me to doubt the deconstruction of these findings. For instance: the Cardiff Giant most would not touch it in fear of reprisal, but i have some questions about its so-called destruction. There is one story that it was reburied, another that it is present in a museum, another it burnt up in a fire and the gypsum it was made out of became nothing but ash. Yet another story of the legs burnt to ash revealing an iron skeletal structure. Some of these place the destruction in the States, Some in Canada, and a partial destruction, a whole destruction and no destruction. So i am going to keep it open, i am not one that is easily influenced by deconstruction. ~Chris L Lesley

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