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Lake Delavan, Wisconsin Skulls


Indications That Tribe Hither

to Unknown Once Lived in Wisconsin.

Special to the New York

Times. Lake Delavan

MADISON, Wis., May 3.-The d

iscovery of several skeletons of human beings while excavating a mound at Lake Delavan indicates that a heretofore unknown race of men once inhabited southern Wisconsin. Information of the discovery was brought to Madison to-day by Maurice Morrisay, of Delavan, who came here to attend a meeting of the Republican State Central Committe. Curator Charles E. Brown of the State Historical Museum will investigate the discoveries within a few days. Upon opening one large mound at Lake Lawn farm, eighteen skeletons were discovered by the Phillips Brothers. The heads presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day. From directly over the eye sockets, the head slopes straight back and the nasel bones protrude far above the cheek bones. The jaw bones are long and pointed, bearing a minute resemblance to the head of a monkey. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Lake Delavan

There were also found in the mounds the skeletons, presumably of women. which had smaller heads, but were similar in facial characteristics. The skeletons were imbedded in charcoal and covered over with layers of baked clay to shed water from the sepulchure.



Today, 18 skeletons of a “hitherto Unknown race were found in a mound at Lake Delavan in southern Wisconsm The skulls of the skeletons (those which were
presumed to be the males) were unusually large. The various lengths of the skeletons Uncovered were not revealed. Lake Delavan[THE NEW YORK TIMES MAY 4, 1912]

52 comments on “Lake Delavan, Wisconsin Skulls

  1. Thomas Bauer on said:

    Where did the skeletons end up?

    • clesley on said:

      Many of us are trying to track them down, if you would like to follow through, first contact the publication. Then ask the University and or institution that took these bones in. I would like to receive post any and all interactions, even denials. If you can, i would like to replicate any and all giant fossils so that i can allow the public to come view.

      • nom de plume on said:

        In the scholarly historical work “Hakluyts Voyages”

        The story of two Englishmen who fell into the hands of the Spaniards in the new world. Their story ended with an account of their being sent back to Spain as prisoners of war aboard a Spanish Galleon.

        During their time at sea they were shown a nine ft. tall human skeleton that was being sent back to the Vatican.

        I can’t remember which volume it was in. I think there was eight volumes in the set.

        • nom de plume on said:

          I just looked at my Hakluyts volumes.

          I have all except 2,4. and 6.

          I coiuld not find the story in 1-3-5-7-8.

          I will look more closely when I get a better light source.

        • alison rowe on said:

          im on this too! I love researching all of this stuff.. how do I keep updated with you guys?

          • clesley on said:

            Hello Alison,
            We add new content monthly to this site, however its difficult to keep up with. There is over 500 articles yet to be added, please subscribe to our youtube channel. and out facebook fanpage. Also visit the museum in Jacksonville Florida.
            Glad you like the content.
            ~Chris L Lesley

      • jeff on said:

        I live near Beloit College and have haunted the halls of their Archaeology Dept. for at least 30 years and this is the first I’ve heard of this. I’m going to push a few buttons and see what happens.

        • clesley on said:

          Jeff, you are now part of an elite group, called “Giant Hunters”. Giantologists do research and post their findings, however it is a Giant Hunter that follows up looking for the actual photos; casts or better yet the bones themselves. Observing them is not enough, this will only give an eyewitness account. Every museum i go into i have a photographic digital ruler and a camera. I personally try to get a mold of everything Giant. Be sure to keep a chart of the averages of bones, its good to know bone lengths and the ultimate is a thigh bone longer than Robert Wadlow who’s thigh was 29.5 inches. You are also a GAWM field Agent now, report back with your findings please.
          Hoping you will succeed.
          ~Chris L Lesley

    • Lee Adams on said:

      They are still there. They are in the basement not touched.

    • Richard Pea on said:

      They are all at the Smithsonian… each and every time a discovery was made, the Smithsonian showed up and took the artifacts AND bones.

  2. Doctori Sadisco on said:

    Where are these skeletons today?

    • clesley on said:

      I am tracking them down, as are many others. This story is new. It has not been given any attention but the information and interest is peaking now, AT THIS TIME. I am making headway but i am met with resistence like the 12 or so letters i have sent to the Glozel museum in France that will not allow pictures of the Giant Glozel hand prints from 10 inches to 14 inches. I have replicated two of the Glozel hand prints from the only photos available. Curator Charles E. Brown & the State Historical Museum, as well as the publication: [THE NEW YORK TIMES MAY 4, 1912] are great places to start. This is a mystery, if any of these finds and cover-ups are in your area I contend that it is important for someone to investigate. If people in that area would like to ask questions maybe some of these mysteries can be solved or lies exposed.

      • Douglas Henry on said:

        I have relatives in Beloit Wisconsin. I would love to know if the skeletons had 6 fingers and 6 toes on their hands and feet?

        • Douglas being in the area gives you an advantage for research. You have the access to places and files locally that i could only dream of having.

  3. Tim Robert on said:

    Fascinating. Have been reading more evidence of an alien visitation roughly 280,000 ago and that these giants were brought here and somehow related to genetic tampering created to mine rare earth metals. I used to think this was just utter nonsense but am going back and reevaluating everything I know and from listening to alternative researchers.

    • clesley on said:

      So many different views, my view has nothing to do with “space aliens” actually i am one of the rare people that thinks space is sterile. I believe life on Earth is designed recently. Seeing that life here is not by chance no “positive-example” exists thus there is no life apart from design. I also am a Young Earth Creationist, however my title is a devolutionist which means i believe in rapid decay. Decay of what??? maturity, people and all animals are reducing in maturity, that is why every creature is larger in the past.

      • Scott McMan on said:


        That’s an interesting view. Time and time again, I see where evolution is flawed, but it would seem the only ones who are laughed at are the creationists.

        Your theory on devolution is intriguing. I’d love to hear more about it.

        Please feel free to email me.


        Scott McMan

        • clesley on said:

          Its funny that evolutionists like Darwin believed they come from monkeys and Creationists are laughed at. Its funny that the man they praise as a scientist was only an accredited theologian. I dont even think all evolutionists believe in evolution, as much as they revel in the idea that they have this masquerade which they think they have made fools of others. I see through it completely, not all creationists have caught up, when they know what i know, when the public knows what i know, you will see evolutionism with its pants pulled down, and its little bottom beat blood red.

          • clesley on said:

            Devolution means “to roll” while evolution means to unroll. However they are not opposites. De-evolution is also called “reverse evolution”. De-evolution is the idea that all life is evolving backwards and all creatures will become single-celled organisms eventually.(<—crazy idea) . . .Devolution is subdivided into two parts of Genetypic-Entropy and phenotypic entropy. Carl Baugh Grady McMurtry and Jack Cuozzo talks about the deteriorating environment and its effect on the whole organism. While people like John Sanford, Gary Parker, and many others talk about genetic entropy. This is Devolution, apply this to archaeology Anthropolgy and Paleontology and you got Greater Ancestry.

          • “Too bad Darwin did not say we descend from monkeys. He said we share a common ancestor. But don’t let actual facts get in the way”.

          • clesley on said:

            How many times have evolutionists corrected you saying that Darwin didnt say we came from monkeys? well here it is: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
            “Man is descended from a hairy, tailed quadruped, probably arboreal in its habits.”
            Charles Darwin.

            “The Simiadae then branched off into two great stems, the New World and Old World monkeys;
            and from the latter, at a remote period, Man, the wonder and glory of the Universe, proceeded.”
            Charles Darwin.
            I know many of you will spin this and try to offend your faith. It clearly states that
            Darwin said we came from old world to new world monkeys, not a common ancestor.

            The main difference between Charles Darwin saying we come from monkeys, or a common ancestor is: A monkey is observable, testable, and visual. A common ancestor: This requires faith, you need a chart, a drawing, a blue line between something that is visual and the imagination to fill in the gaps. What you do not have is something observable, testable, and visual. Common Ancestry requires believability in its interpretation, an appeal to government authority for its approval, . . . . over all Common Ancestry is a weaker more religious view than Charlies, whom we know was wrong.

    • They were not exactly “brought” to this world, they were the result of nephilim, fallen angels, having sex with human women. They were hybrids. Check out Genesis 6, it’s all there.

      • clesley on said:

        I am not refuting the fallen angels, the great giants, the nephilim or elioud i do think there is substantial evidence for them, I even show evidence at the museum. However all “giants” are not of angellic origin an 18 inch cockroach is a giant, a 13 foot horse is a giant and an 8 foot human in the past (fully human) is also a giant.

      • Noah Vail on said:

        Bingo, loner!!
        Finally, somebody got it right. Darwin’s theory is total garbage. The Bible is the Truth, simple as that!!

  4. Imran Abid Lodhi on said:

    Hi I am realy excited about the article, but can I ask a question ? Are these articles, documents and discoveries published as Peer- Reviewed documents, articles and discoveries about the giant skeletons. Thank you for your time.

    • clesley on said:

      First, the term peer-review is one of institutionalized self-appointed authorization. That Institution being government approved, controlled, and funded. Peer-review articles are incorrect most of the time and heavily pantheistic. Pantheism in general is an insufficient-to-the-task worldview. So peer-review is not my peer, i am above them not below because of my higher standards. I operate with 98% of the fossil record which they discard.

      • Brad Pitt on said:

        So, your answer is No ? It is not peer reviewed. You are more intelligent and exacting than the “peer reviewers”, and by extension, myself. I guess that makes you right.

        • clesley on said:

          To Brad Pitt,
          Charles E Brown of the State Historical Museum, I would be careful on calling any government educator or government employee a peer. Its best to avoid the term altogether. As it implies submission.
          ~Chris L Lesley

  5. i’m just so curious about this giant creature everyone talking about, but the skull in Humboldt museum was also taken. But can someone tell me or provide any picture?? By the way, is someone know about a book that an Native Pauite tells about this giant, it was writen by a young native girls.

    • clesley on said:

      Cryos, you are talking about the Lovelock finds. Lovelock Texas a full skeleton was until recently displayed at the Humboldt Museum. I have an artistic replica displayed of the giant pestle at the Greater Ancestors World Museum, in Jacksonville Florida.

  6. This all intrigues me, and scares me at the same time.

  7. B.A.Weirich on said:

    Try Coast to Coast AM. They help you in your quest. Heard about the giants last year or so. They were discussing the giants in Nevada

  8. Daniel Hayton on said:

    do you have any pictures of the giant skulls or how they compare to the size of normal skulls?

    • clesley on said:

      Absolutely, average size human skull is 1400cc’s there are hundreds of Neanderthal skulls that average 1800 – 2200cc’s, Many of the elongated skulls (not from binding) binding distorts shape but never increases the cubic capacity. These are 2200 to 3200. Any skull that does not have a measuring device in the picture is no good. I have plenty of pics of the Lovelock skull and plan on reproducing it in the future.

  9. Rotimi Akapo on said:

    Students would love to know the fact of the archaeological dating of these giant skeletons, and a recent publication of the story.

    • clesley on said:

      That is a difficult thing to do as the story of these was swept under the rug. Seized items, then those items are denied to have existed by the people that collected them. If I were to claim I have evidence for Giant humans, NAAPRA would blow up the 3 foot vault door at the GAWM Museum, they would then be taken by the Smithsonian for study (pending study). Then the statement would be that they didn’t exist or lost. Its a Federal Crime to be in possession of these items. It is not possible to date something that has been seized or taken.

  10. This is so crazy!! I stayed at the Lake Lawn Resort (where these were found) on Lake Delavan back in Feb of this year. Actually got engaged there, but that’s besides the point. Anyway The place is great, but It had a really eerie feeling to it and the first night we were there late at night I was on our back deck near the water having a smoke and it was pitch black and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a boat speeding past the shore and then it’s wake crashing against the shore. The only problem with that? The lake was frozen solid!!!! And the next day we were talking to a couple who had been going there for years and just happen to mention about it being haunted, something about old burial ground, I never mentioned anything about my boat incident the night before. Then last night I stumble upon an article about these giants!! I’d never even heard of Lake Delavan, before I got a groupon for there back in Feb!!! Now I’m obsessed!!!

  11. redcarol57 on said:

    I’m an author and would very much like to research this further. Please feel free to keep me posted about these skeletons.

  12. My belief in giant skeletons being covered up by the scientific community was extremely easy to squire,there is something going on with the American government that makes fabricating the truth something that is busting at it’s seams to become public knowledge any time soon,the lies have become quite easy to see,we are on the verge of a complete understanding period of the illusions the powers that be have been pushing on the public for easily a century.

  13. bob plock on said:

    I built and ran the goldfield museum in goldfield nv.I`m an oopartist. the lovelock giants were found in bat cave full of guano that was being collected by a rancher/farmer in early 1900`s.the Paiutes there had legends that giants were canabals and their ancestors killed smoked them to death in the cave. they had red hair and red beards. one skeleton was kept in the rancher1s small grocery store up til 1930`s or 40`s.others sent to museum in California.(maybe usc`s college.they now say skeletons were lost,althouth they admit one time receipt.

  14. Douglas Henry on said:

    Did any of the giants have 6 fingers and 6 toes?

  15. Cin Cartwright on said:

    Ancient Giants were living on this planet in ancient times. These are the Nephillum, or, if you will, the children of The Fallen Angels….These are The Watchers from the Book of Enoch….if you want to expand your intellectual knowledge, please look up Trey Smith’s “The Nephillum”. Very intelligent man….He definitely does his homework, people.
    Open your mind & expand your knowledge, but only with the facts….proven facts…..THE TRUTH.

  16. Richard Pea on said:

    LA Marzulli and Brien Foerster are doing current research into the elongated skulls of peru. Honestly, in almost all situations of archaeological discoveries, the Smithsonian Institute showed up and took all of the artifacts and bones.

  17. Reen Collett on said:

    The writings of John Davidson solved the problem here, for me. His book “Natural Creation or Natural Selection?” : A Complete New Theory of Evolution, was published in UK and USA by Element Books, in 1992. I heartily recommend it. Easier to read than ‘Suppressed Archeology’ by Thompson and Cremo

  18. Clive Herriot on said:

    Without seeing the actual bones, it would be illogical to assume these things exist based on the evidence we have available. The idea that a large species of hominids existed is plausible but such deviations as having six fingers and toes is extremely unlikely based on what is known about mammalian evolution.

    • clesley on said:

      No museum displays actual bones. Bones are kept in vaults, while replicas are displayed. You ask how do i know this:
      1) I own a museum.
      2) As a Theme Park artist i have created the same displays for many museums, the Spy Museum in DC, Ripleys, . . etc.
      3) I do trades with other museums across the United States and Canada.

      I think that what i have learned, is mammalian evolution is implausible. One of my favorite evidences is the giant horses.
      Promoters of mammalian evolution reduce the evidence of the fossil record by 98%. That is why i don’t adhere to evolutionism. They are promoting an anomaly and using an anomalous amount of history to do it. Evolution is pantheistic by religion and communist by politics. There are a lot of evidences photographic and quite a few bones for viewing, once in a while you get to see bones when they place them in hermatically sealed chambers, like the Mutter Giant which i barely missed when i arrived in Toronto’s Rom museum.
      Every Neanderthal skull which far exceeds the average 1400 cc’s for humans, is more than enough.

      I have been to a lot museums, i have never seen bones for evolution, no ape-men, no intermediates, not anything.
      Its easy to say there is lots of evidence for evolution and incapable of demonstrating or showing a single example.
      I have never seen one intermediate, but if you give me 10 animals i can show you the greater ancestor for every one.
      Greater-Ancestry i WILL show you the bones!!! Common-ancestry get out your blue magic marker.
      ~Chris L Lesley

  19. Forrest Haunschild on said:

    Hello, I am currently a student living in Wisconsin and I would like to know where in the state I would have to go/write to to gain access to this type of information?

    • clesley on said:

      Hello Forest,
      Local libraries have detailed county records, microfilm etc that may not be accessible by the web. It means a day of research, sometimes more, and following leads. Its always the main libraries that are the best place to start, i search dime store museums and also “natural history museums” . . . Each situation is different and you have to let the clues lead you. ~Chris Lesley

  20. Dennis Sorensen on said:

    I was born and raised in Beloit and today I was in Lake
    Mills Wisconsin just exploring and stumbled on Aztalan. I looked it up on my phone for some basic background and started reading about these giants…. My girlfriend and I started discussing this and I too came to the de-evolution tHenry on my own before I read the posts here. I am not sure what to believe anymore, but I am well over powerful groups hiding information from the general public, using the guise of protecting us. From what I say. I would rather known the truth. So count me in on this search.

    • clesley on said:

      Congratulations Dennis,
      The matrix no longer has you.

      There are no exceptions to devolution, every creature has a greater ancestor. I appreciate your comments as there are many people who do care about the truth (what actually happened). Of course i did not invent devolution the Oxford English Dictionary has a four page definition there are lots of people throughout history that refer to themself as devolutionists, however no-one has applied this same principle to the animals and technology into a workable scientific model. We are happy yo have your support.
      ~Chris L Lesley

  21. what is your YouTube channel? and what is your Facebook fan page called? thanks :) x

    • Alison,
      I am glad you are interested that’s a good question.
      This is my youtube channel:

      Here is my facebook fanpage:

      ~Chris L Lesley / GAWMuseum

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