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Wright co. Clearwater 7- 8 feet

A Former Race 7 – 8 Feet in Height

Charles Pinketon of the town of Corinna, 12 miles from here, in digging a cellar came across the remains of seven persons in a good state of preservation. They were found in a kind of mound, buried with their heads down. They were 7 to eight feet in height, and must have been placed there at least 200 years ago, as on top of the mound was a stump of an old elm tree, two feet in diameter. From the formation of the skulls they must have been an inferior race of men. The teeth in the jawbones were mostly sound and not like the teeth of the present race of men.

The New York Times has a long-standing reputation for being a reliable and respected source of news worldwide. Over the years, the paper has published hundreds of articles about giants, including one from 1888 that reveals the discovery of the remains of seven individuals, ranging from 7 to 8 feet in height, in the town of Corinna, Minnesota.

The article suggests that the bodies were buried over 200 years ago, which makes them incredibly old and valuable for the study of history and anthropology. Unfortunately, the article also suggests that the individuals may have been an “inferior race of men,” which reveals the cultural biases and prejudices that were prevalent at the time.

Furthermore, the article raises questions about the possible cover-up of information about giants in the United States. The discovery of such significant remains should have been a groundbreaking discovery for the scientific community, yet little seems to have been done to further investigate these findings. This lack of scientific interest suggests that there may have been a concerted effort to suppress information about giants in the United States.

Overall, the New York Times has played a significant role in the documentation of giant discoveries in the United States. However, the cultural biases and possible cover-ups surrounding these discoveries have also marred the reputation of the scientific community at large. It is essential that we continue to uncover and explore these discoveries with an open and unbiased mind to gain a better understanding of our shared history.

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