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Working Ancient Battery Technology

Ancient Egyptian Batteries?

The object looks like an enclosed clay jar of some type.  It seems to be antideluvian technology. These pics come from a video which looks like its based in a small apartment in India, or Pakistan. There are several tests being run showing various interactions with electrical devices:

“The power of the old world. It looks just like a stone shaped and carved, but it’s much more than that.
The first test is that the object is placed near a television, and the device disrupts the signal and makes the television roll and a static signal disrupting the sound as well. The item was placed near the tv screen 3 times and when it was pulled away the tv began to work properly.
It reminded me of what happens when a blender or a large drill is turned on, waves of lines flow across the tv screen.
I am not sure how much interference a drill of blender has to affect a tv but i dont know of anything wifi, or direct current even that would have such a significant effect.
The next test was a light test.

Several times the lightwas turned on and off by the switch that was visible next to it. 

When the object was placed near the light bulb with the switch clearly in view the light would go out. When the object was pulled away from it the light would come back on again.
Curiously, the item appeared to have some heiroglyphic images that appeared to be Egyptian.

It is believed that ancient man was too primitive to have such technology. Evolutionists desperately want man to have transformed from a monkey. These religious beliefs guide every thought and action and when something is found that goes against this hard-to-swallow narrative, it is simply ignored and dismissed.
There are many ooparts, Egypt’s own pyramids testify to the greatness of mankind in the past.

“It holds an energy, a power that has been taken from us. What type of stone is this?” Shane Pettman


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