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Worcester County – Seven Foot Six

 7 feet 6 inches

There have been other discoveries in Maryland of remains of men of tremendous stature. A skeleton was discovered at Ocean City several years ago, which measured a fraction over 7 feet 6 inches. This skeleton was interred in a regular burying mound and beads manufactured by white men were found upon it. The dead Indian was probably one of the tribes mentioned by Captain John Smith, who, int July, 1608, made a voyage of exploration of the Chesapeake bay.
At the point on the Choptank where the remains were found there are steep shelving cliffs of sand and gravel that extend to the water’s edge. Beneath the bank is a layer of layer of marl. The graves are in the sand a few feet above the hard marl and have deposits of between twenty and thirty feet of sand and gravel above them. A peculiar feature of the discovery is the charred state of the bones of the women and children. Those of the men are untouched by fire.

The discovery of a skeleton measuring over 7 feet 6 inches in Maryland is yet another compelling piece of evidence that suggests the existence of giant humans in the past. The fact that this skeleton was found in a regular burying mound and that beads manufactured by white men were found upon it, raises important questions about the interactions between Native American tribes and early European explorers. Preserving a skeleton like this would be of great importance to the scientific community, as it could help us better understand the physical characteristics of these giants, their lifestyle, and the possible reasons for their extinction. Additionally, analyzing the remains could also provide new insights into the history of the region and the peoples who inhabited it. It is essential that we continue to investigate these discoveries with an open mind and rigorous scientific methodology, in order to uncover the truth about our ancient past.

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