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Winnemuca, Nevada, 11 Feet in Height!

11 feet in height.

Winnemuca, Nevada, 11 feet in height! – Greater Ancestors

May be related to Cardiff Giant

11 feet in height. ___11 feet in height.

Bones of a Human Skeleton Eleven Feet High Are Dug Up in Nevada

11 feet in height.___11 feet in height.

WINNEMUCA, Nev,. Jan 23.-Workmen engaged in digging gravel here today uncovered at a depth of about twelve feet a lot of bones, part of a skeleton of a gigantic human being. 11 feet in height.

Dr. Samuels examined them and pronounced them to be the bones of a man who must have been nealy eleven feet in height.

Themetacarpal bones measure four and a half inches in length and are large in proportion. A part of the ulna was found and in its complete form would have been between seventeen and 18 inches in length.

The remainder of the skeleton is being searched for.


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Bones of a Giant Are Dug Up

nevada winnwmuca

The Evening News – 1904.01.17 –

I like to put things into perspective. Me being the epitome of average at 5 feet 8 inches and 175 lbs i am the perfect representative of the modern man. One of this persons arms are longer than my body, his leg bone ends above my eyebrows, and he could palm my head, which isn’t small, like palming an apple. There is no chance of combat, only a lucky ambush assassination, in your basic ninja tactics could i ever hope to defeat such a superior adversary.  Using long distance or multiple allies might give you more time, but i would suggest not trying it.

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