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Waukesha County- 40lb Stone Axe


Members of Wisconsin Archeological Society to Meet at Carroll College.
The Wisconsin Archeological society will hold its field assembly, at Carroll College, Waukesha, on Saturday, May 26th, 1906. The ceremonies will begin promptly at 10:30 a. m. They will be appropriate and impressive, and will appeal to all who are interested in the educational and historical value, and the desired preservation
of the remarkable mounds and other remains of the earliest inhabitants of Wisconsin.
Every effort has been made by President Wilbur O. Carrier and Carroll College, and by the society to pro
vide for the comfort and entertainment of all guests. The morning session on the college campus will be of a very informal nature, thus enabling all to become thoroughly acquainted. The speakers are selected
from among the most distinguished of the society’s members.
An especially interesting feature of the afternoon session will be the un
veiling by the ladies of the Waukesha Woman’s club, of the Cutler mound tablet.
The society has many members in Kenosha county and these and many
members of other local organizations are expected to be present. The mounds preserved in Cutler Park and on the Carroll college grounds are among the finest in Southern *Wisconsin. One effigy measures nearly 200 feet in the length; the largest burial mound is 25 feet in diameter- and 10 feet in height. Upon this large earth work the explanatory bronze tablet will be placed by the ladies of Waukesha. The collections to be jointly exhibited on this occasion by Carroll and the society will be of unequalled extent and richness. The huge Ringeisen stone axe weighing 40 pounds and measuring 30 inches in length will make its first public appearance on this occasion. It holds the honor of being the largest and heaviest stone implement ever found in the United States, and is alone well worth the journey to Waukesha to see. Some of the copper implements are of unusual length and weight. The Wisconsin society is actively interested in the upbuilding of representative collections of local pre-historic implements in every educational institution in the state. For many years these treasures have fallen into the hands of dealers and have thus become lost to Wisconsin people.

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