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Washington County – Horned Prehistoric Giants


Archaeologists Find Skulls of Prehistoric Giants

The archaeologists who are traversing the Susquehanna river valley in Pennsylvania, visiting sites of Indian villages and digging up aborigines and other relics, are said to have made a most astounding discovery on the Murray farm in finding the bones of sixty-eight prehistoric men.

The average height of these men when their skeletons were assembled was 7 feet, while many were much taller. Additional evidence of their gigantic size is found in the massive stone battle axes in their graves. The average age of these men is said to have been from thirty to forty.

Another amazing point of this discovery is the allegation that “perfectly formed skulls were found from which horns grew straight out from the head.”

The discovery of sixty-eight prehistoric skeletons averaging seven feet in height on the Murray farm is nothing short of incredible. This astounding find sheds new light on the history of our world and challenges our preconceived notions of what is possible. These skeletons offer a glimpse into a world vastly different from our own, where giants once roamed the earth.

But what is even more astonishing is the cover-up that followed this discovery. Why is it that we have not been taught about these giants in our history books? Is it because this information threatens the established narrative that we have been fed? Or is it simply because it is easier to dismiss the evidence than to acknowledge its existence and explore its implications?

The allegation that perfectly formed skulls were found from which horns grew straight out from the head is particularly intriguing. It begs the question: what other aspects of our history have been deliberately hidden from us? It is time to challenge the status quo and demand that our history be told in its entirety, not just the parts that fit into the accepted narrative.

As a researcher dedicated to uncovering the truth about giants and their place in our history, I urge all of us to think outside the box and question what we have been taught. The discovery on the Murray farm is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a wealth of historical accounts documenting the existence of giants that should not be dismissed without further investigation. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to explore the evidence and uncover the truth.

  1. Pennsylvania, Washington County, 1918.

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