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Volcan De Agus, Giant Inhabitatnts


A boned oity baa jnst been discorcrad in
Guatemala upon the estate of Don Manuel
$.. Aleuado. at tbe foot of Volcan de Agoa.
On sereral occasions the proprietor had’
noticed articles haniK a strong rotMnblance to
the domestic oterwls ‘ol the N»rtb American
Indiana; at the period of tbe diccovary of the
New. World. He ^oaUy decided on an 4oca*a-
Uou. a«4*t a depth front two to five yards un
eattbed a a\umber of- tatestine articles, each as
aomeaticotensHs, Faienca veseels, eagnvedand
fori^hUy. P«|ntod passes, vases and kitchen,
pots, all in good jHaEenratioD. Also on»i axes,
htnimen, sirurds, knires, and lancebeads ; in
fact. the. whole series of weapons in use in pre
OslumbUn times was fully repiesetted. Aloog
with tbese w«rea great number ?( painted day ?
idols, fiae ptaxls. turquoises, and other precious
stones. . Afnong the latter. was ooe of a mag
nificent green cqlour, called by the amtives
ohaichiriul, and won only by princes. One of
Ihegl*?8*’ W«’- ^ ornament«4 With symbol* and
hieroglyphic iaspriptipna in briUiant colours.
Tjwi&Mfles, carved in black basalt, dispbyad
great artistic skjljl, nnd are the more repuxk
able from the fact (fat their sculptors bad oalj
stone tmpleneBte. Bo f arj at least, no trace ol
mfetal of any kind has been tounft u the ezcava
taoo.aois, w prqh»-le Vh»t tbe buried city per
tained to the tH^w age. At a lieRjfc of oaly on*
and a half ysj^ds th«*roclcmen cnqie oa the walk
of the honsj^oi tha buried city. At the lWel
oftbeftoorof Ouse tbey diocorered a confused
miss of human ekelatqns— some in sittii-gpos:
bires, some lying si (heir backa, sons jsn their j
faces; some of the skeletons showing the in
habitants to have been giants. The positiona
of the skeletons, and in fact the whols con
dition of £he 3uins, paint to tbe conclusiou ^hafi
4|be cit?r was suddenly swallowad by an earth
quake. * ‘ ‘ ?. j
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