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Victoria County – Largest Human Skull


Completed excavations of an Indian mound near Victoria disclosed to a modern world that the pile of earth was more than a mere “redskin cemetery.”

Fifteen months of excavation, under the joint sponsorship of the University of Texas and the Works Progress Administration, the long-unopened mound disclosed:

  • The largest human skull ever recorded, and another skull having the lowest cranial index, because of its extreme narrowness.
  • Approximately 250 skeletons and approximately 5,300 artifacts.
  • That the fact that the mound had long been associated with the culture of the Mississippi Valley, and that it might possibly serve as a link between that area and Mexico, was a fallacy.The completed excavations of the Indian mound near Victoria have revealed groundbreaking findings, including the discovery of the largest human skull ever recorded and a significant number of artifacts and skeletons. Furthermore, the previously held belief that the mound had connections to the Mississippi Valley culture and Mexico has been proven to be false. These discoveries have the potential to significantly alter our understanding of prehistoric human life in the region.
  1. Texas, Victoria County, 1940.

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