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Vernon County Giant Aboriginees


Fifty Skeletons Unearthed

remains of Giant Aborigines Discovered

Normal Professor and Students Excavate Historical Hills Near Stoddard


Remains of Giant Aborigines Discovered; Weapons and Utensils Buried

Vernon County Giant Aborigines; Weapons and Utensils Buried.

Giant human skeletons uncovered in Wisconsin Burial Mound.

It is unfortunate to learn that another significant discovery of prehistoric bones has been mishandled and covered up. The article reports the unearthing of fifty skeletons from Indian mounds near Stoddard, including the remains of giant aborigines, as well as weapons and utensils. The findings could have provided valuable insight into the lives of the ancient inhabitants of the area and helped us understand their culture and practices.

However, it appears that the discovery was covered up and not given the attention it deserved. This kind of mishandling and cover-up of significant discoveries is not only unethical, but it also hinders scientific progress and our understanding of history. It is important that such discoveries are handled with the utmost care and attention, with proper documentation, preservation, and analysis.

The scientific community must be vigilant against such cover-ups and ensure that all discoveries are reported and studied with transparency and thoroughness. We owe it to the people of the past and to future generations to learn as much as we can about our history and the lives of those who came before us. It is only through careful study and analysis of these remains that we can piece together the story of our ancestors and the world they inhabited.

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