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Vashon Island Giant


While digging a posthole on the premises of S.S. Heath at Burton, Vashon Island, the other day Charles Christman found the skeleton of a giant, states a west side report. It measured 7 feet 6 inches in height and all the bones are large in proportion to their length, showing the person to have been a man of great weight. The skull has a transverse diameter of 7 1-2 inches and is 21 inches in circumference.  The skeleton was but 18 inches below the surface and had evidently laid in the ground for many years. Heath and Christman propose to sell the skeleton. Secretary Gilstrap of the State Historical Society believes it may be the remains of some early-day Hudson Bay tapper.

The discovery of a giant skeleton on Vashon Island, Washington is a remarkable find that has caught the attention of many in the scientific community. The thorough measurements taken by Charles Christman are impressive, and the eyewitness accounts of the professionals present during the excavation lend credibility to the authenticity of this discovery.

This is not the first time a giant skeleton has been found in the United States, and the frequency of above-average height among ancient populations raises questions about the origins of these individuals and their significance in history. It is fascinating to consider what implications this could have for our understanding of ancient societies and their beliefs.

The fact that this skeleton was found on the premises of S.S. Heath, and may be the remains of some early-day Hudson Bay trapper, adds an intriguing historical dimension to this discovery. The sale of the skeleton may be controversial, but preserving and studying it could potentially provide important insights into our understanding of the past.

Overall, the discovery of this giant skeleton is a significant event that could have far-reaching implications for our understanding of ancient societies and their traditions. It is important to continue conducting thorough research on this and other discoveries in order to deepen our understanding of the past and its impact on the present.

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