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Tyler County, Enormous Stature

an examination of the giant skeletons

Friendly West Virginia,. December 2 – Prof. E. L. Lively amd J. L. Williamson have made an examination of the giant skeletons found by children playing near that town. The femur and vertabrae were found to be in a remarkable state of preservation and showed the persons to be of enormous stature.

The skeletons ranged from 7 feet six to 6 feet 7 inches. The skulls found are of peculiar formation.the forehead is low and slopes back gradually, while the back of the head is very prominent, much more so than the skulls of people today. The legs are exceedingly long and the bones unusually large.

The findings of the skeletons has created a great deal of interest and the general impression is that the bones are the remains of the people who built the mounds, the largest in the country being located in Moundsville, Marshall County.

The discovery of giant skeletons in Tyler County, West Virginia, is another piece of evidence pointing to the possibility that there were once humans of enormous size living on our planet. The report mentions that the femur and vertebrae of these individuals were in a remarkable state of preservation, and that the skeletons ranged in height from 6 feet 7 inches to an incredible 7 feet 6 inches. The peculiar formation of the skulls, with a low forehead that slopes back gradually and a very prominent back of the head, is also noteworthy. Additionally, the report describes the legs as exceedingly long with unusually large bones.

The finding of these giant skeletons has generated a great deal of interest, as it raises the question of who these people were and how they lived. Some believe that they may be the remains of the people who built the mounds, which are some of the largest in the country, located in Moundsville, Marshall County. This discovery, along with many others like it, demonstrates that there is much we still don’t know about our planet’s past and the history of human civilization. Further research and exploration in this area may uncover even more intriguing discoveries.

The Daily Mail, Hagerston, Maryland, December 3, 1908

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