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Tree Trunk 40 Feet Thick is Only One of the Big Bend Wonders:

“Four government departments at Washington have become all stirred up over a new issue, though it bears no relation to disclosures such as the Teapot Dome expose. The United States National Parks Bureau and Smithsonian Institute are having a thrilling time all their own over a discovery of a petrified tree in the Big Bend district of Texas whose tree trunk measures 40 feet in diameter, that extends 100 feet underground . . . . .  must have extended 1,000 feet in height.”

So began an article in the Kerrville Mountain Sun in 1928. Apparently there is a real reason that they say things are bigger in Texas. The writer states that this tree grew millions of years ago but when exactly in the evolutionary timeline do we find again, dragonflies with a two foot wingspan and trees 1000 feet high? The Bible offers a solution in Genesis-between the Creation and the Fall.

The tree trunk was found two years prior to the appearance of the article and determined by geologists and other scientists to be a real petrified tree. By the time of the article it was measured and remeasured photographed and probed.

The tree trunk had been discovered by Dr. C.O. Gaither, of Fort Worth, Texas and Prof. S.J. Cade of Chandler, Oklahoma. Dr. Gaither was a geologist and a physician.”

Note: The fossil record is a flash frame event from a global catastrophe, The fossils are of the greater ancestors that were caught in that event about 4600 years ago.”

This article is from a newspaper from 1928.

smithsonianknowledgeScientists Differ Over Find, Kerrville Mountain Sun, May 31, 1928

by Greater Ancestors World Museum on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 10:00pm