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Trace Fork, 10 Foot Skeleton

Trace Fork, 10 Foot Skeleton Trace Fork

-A well-preserved skeleton of a man, said to have been at least ten feet tall, was exhumed at Trace Fork, Tenn., last week. The skull and other bones  are very large. It is supposed to be the skeleton of a prehistoric man. Trace Fork

Research done by Rephaim23

This article is a stub. So i first need to apologize, sometimes these articles are collected improperly,¬† because of the sheer volume of examples. Therefore sometimes the article remains and the details about the article is lost. Many of the articles like this one has to be re-researched, and found again. One of the great things about this little article is that we have a measurement, that being: at least “ten feet tall. This is beyond the point some giantologist are willing to go, then again some are willing to go 100 and 200 feet. Greater Ancestry is open to interpretation, but the scientific model deals with the ancestors to living creatures today. In this case humans.

~Chris L Lesley

Thanks to the research of other Giantologists we now have a corresponding article.

tennessee trace fork Meriden Weekly Republican – May 19, 1892