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During the archaeological excavations in the district of Kiziltepe, in the southeastern part of the province of Mardin, Turkey, an object emerged from the folds of time and surprised all the experts. An object that is now in the Museum of Mardin. It is a simple and common (today) toy for children.
Archaeologist Mesut Alp turkish claims that the toy, which was carved from the rock, dating back to the Stone Age and has roughly 7,500 years.
The Director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Davut Beliktay says that this toy is a true copy of cars that run on our roads today, and among other things, in his opinion, might even look like a tractor. Beliktay also added that in the same area were also found dolls and whistles of stone, typical children’s toys. “We believe that the cops and the dolls have about 5,000 or 6,000 years. The whistles still work! “Concluded the Director.
So far in the history of humanity’s oldest toys primacy belonged to wooden toy of ancient Egypt, about 4000 years ago. But as we have seen already this item has been strongly undermined by this extraordinary toy car that, to date, is the oldest toy in the world.
Label under the display case that contains the Museum of Mardin is written: “Period 5500

Chris L Lesley/Greater Ancestors