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Tooth of Ancient Giant is Found

Dentists Say Molar is From Human Will Weigh About Four Ounces

Pittsburg. Jan 6. Can you imagine a prehistoric man whose tooth would weigh four ounces, a tooth which would require a wire cable to pull? Such a tooth has been found in a coal bed, more than 600 feet underground.

Do we need to mention how impossible this whole thing is in terms of evolutionary teachings? A human tooth, no a Giant human tooth in a coal bed? Coal is supposed to have formed during the Carboniferous Period, occurring between 286 and 360 million years ago, so how does a human tooth fit the theory?

It doesn’t, which is why this kind of information has been; lost, forgotten, ignored, suppressed or debunked from a distance.

The article goes on the say that the dentists who have examined it are sure that it is a human tooth because of certain formations therein which are features of human but not animal teeth. The tooth is a grinder, they concluded.

Based on the size of the tooth, they estimated that this individual could have opened his mouth 12 inches wide. Further, they estimated that he had

a height of approximately 12 feet and that he could take a six foot step.

They estimated that the molar was deposited many years before the birth of Christ due to the great depth at which it was found.

The tooth is in a perfect state of preservation according to the article.

Dentists Say Molar is From Human Will Weigh About Four Ounces
Moberly Daily Index
January 7, 1917