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Timaru Herald from New Zealand 1875 reports of Giants Remains

Human giants:

The newspaper named Timaru Herald, in the issue dated 24th February 1875, page 3, writes as follows: New Zealand

“Discovery of Human Remains. A very large skeleton was found yesterday, about 7 feet below the surface of the sand on the Saltwater Creek spit. Mr Bullock, the carter, in removing some sand for building purposes, dropped across this relic of a past age and brought the fragments to town. We have had an opportunity of inspecting them, and were struck by their symmetry no less than their great size. They appear to have belonged to a man of gigantic statue; but are so far incomplete as to render it difficult to ascertain the dimensions of his frame. The bones are much decayed, a fact which taken in connection with the dryness of the situation where they were found, probably indicates for them a great antiquity. We shell have some more to say about this interesting discovery in our next issue.” New Zealand

I investigated this human giant when I used to work in Timaru from 1999 to 2001. results of these research I published in chapter B of monograph [7/2]. According to a local verbal tradition, the skeleton was estimated to belong to a person of around 8 meters tall. It had so huge scull, that a normal human scull supposedly could entirely fit into its mouth. It belonged to a mysterious tribe of local giants, by Maoris called Te Kahui Tipua which used to roam vicinity of Timaru until around 18th century. Numerous skeletons of these Timaru giants were found, but then mysteriously vanished soon after their discoveries. The most recent discovery of two gigantic human skeletons took place in 1960s in the area of Timaru called “Maori Park”. Local newspaper Timaru Herald, also wrote about it extensively, and many local people still remember these articles. However, I could not afford the large input of labour required for finding editorial details of the original article. Soon after being found, these gigantic remains from Maori Park also disappeared mysteriously. Presently no-one is able to tell what actually happened with them. I attempted to trace the further fate of the giant described in the above article of 1875. But when I was almost to locate a person who kept a huge lower jaw of this giant for a souvenir, I was made redundant from my job in Timaru and I needed to shift into a different location to earn my bread. It almost looks like the secretive dark force that empowers our planet does not wish we learn anything about human giants from Timaru – for more details see the web page ufo.htm.

Very similar was the fate of huge Maori skeletons which were found in the burial cave from the Port Waikato, around 70 miles South from Auckland. They also mysteriously vanished. These skeletons from the Port Waikato were described in an article [2VB5.1.1] “Caves could reveal secret of tall Maoris”, published in the newspaper N.Z. Truth, issue of Wednesday, 29 September 1965, page 13. Also all discoveries of giant human remains from outside of New Zealand met a similar fate. For example in the book [3VB5.1.1] by William R. Corliss, “Incredible Life: a Handbook of Biological Mysteries”, Source Book Project (P.O. Box 107, Glen Arm, MD 21057, USA) April 1981, ISBN 0-915554-07-0, on pages 34 to 35 there is a historic note that Patagonia in South America already in historic times was inhabited by human giants of above 4 meters tall. The last historically documented encounter of Europeans with such a human giant took place in 1559, while graves and skeletons of these giants still were found in 1615. The body of one of last such Patagonian giants was even intended to be transported to Spain. Unfortunately, the ship that carried it, probably because of the action of UFOnauts, encountered a powerful storm near coasts of South Africa and sank. In this manner disappeared this most evidential proof for the existence of giants on Earth. In turn in Syria exists until today a sarcophagus of biblical giant, Abel. (This one who was killed by the normal size brother Kaim – see the Bible, Genesis, 4:8.) This sarcophagus is long for around 5 to 6 meters. Its colourful photograph is published in the book [4VB5.1.1] by Andrzej Olszewski, “Paradoksy tajemnicy wszechswiata” (Warszawa 1998, ISBN 83-900944-2-8, 314 pages; consultations regarding distribution: Wydawnictwo A. Olszewski, 00-976 Warszawa 13, skr. pocztowa 87). But in order to stop tourists from reaching this sarcophagus, and thus stop spreading throughout the world the information about the existence of it, UFOnauts caused that the area where this sarcophagus exists is turned into a well guarded military area of present Syria.

Present medicine recognises several different reasons why humans may grow to gigantic sizes. Amongst these, permanent telekinetisation is still not included. However, there is one empirical evidence which actually indicates permanent telekinetisation as a possible reason for mutations of human giants in New Zealand. This is the empirical finding of ancient Maoris (passed to us by their verbal tradition), that if remains of a human giant are buried in vegetable gardens, vegetables also grow to gigantic sizes. (Because of this empirical finding, ancient Maoris used to bury in their vegetable gardens body parts of human giants.) The most vital in this finding is the mechanisms by which the ability to grow to gigantic sizes was shifted from gigantic human remains to vegetables. If a given human giant eventuated just because of a medical condition, than remains of it would not be able to induce a gigantic growth of vegetables. But if a given human giant was gigantic because of a permanent telekinetisation, than the telekinetised elements contained in his/her body would be absorbed by vegetables and induce them to also grow to gigantic sizes. This means that there is an empirical evidence which indicates the growth of gigantic humans because of the permanent telekinetisation of their bodies. More about permanent telekinetisation can be found in subsections KB1 and KB2 from volume 9 of my newest monograph.

The newspaper named Timaru Herald, in the issue dated 24th February 1875, page 3, writes as follows:

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