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The Monongahela River – Eight Feet High

CURIOUS REMAINS – A farmer on the Monongahela River in Virginia, in plowing his fields this spring, putting his plow deeper into the earth than usual, struck upon some large flat stones lying horizontally; on removing them, he discovered a vault containing skeletons of enormous size, some singular pottery, and shell ornaments of curious workmanship, supposed to have been worn in the ear beneath it.

Anatomists, on measuring one of the thigh bones, pronounced the skeleton to have belonged to a human being who must have been at least eight feet high. The field contains several hundred graves, and is supposed to have been an extensive aboriginal cemetery.

In many of the graves, were found various articles of ornaments of exquisite workmanship, denoting a greater skill than usually belonged to the Indians, together with crockery and implements.

The discovery of skeletons of enormous size in Virginia is a fascinating find that sheds light on the ancient history of the region. The discovery of a vault containing human remains, singular pottery, and shell ornaments of curious workmanship suggests the existence of a sophisticated civilization in the area. The artifacts found in the graves denote a greater skill than usually belonged to the indigenous people of the region, particularly with regards to the exquisite workmanship of the ornaments.

The discovery of copper technology in the area is particularly significant. Copper was a precious commodity in the ancient world, and its discovery in this region suggests that the inhabitants of the area had access to trade routes and sophisticated technology. Additionally, the frequency of above-average height in the skeletons found in the graves suggests that the inhabitants of the area may have been genetically distinct from other indigenous people of the region.

It is unfortunate that many such discoveries are mishandled or lost, which robs us of valuable insight into the ancient history of our world. As we move forward, it is important to continue to preserve such finds and conduct further research to understand the history of our world fully. The discovery of the skeletons of enormous size is just one example of how our understanding of ancient history is continually changing, and we must continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge.

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