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The Hubbard Discovery
In this magazine for September, 1923, we mentioned a reported discovery by Mr. Samuel Hubbard, of remains of giants in the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Owing to press unreliability, we did not notice this to a great extent. We have now, however, obtained more knowledge on the subject, and there remains no doubt that Mr. Hubbard has actually made a discovery composed of:

An ancient beach, now sandstone, containing

a great number of footprints of a giant race,

men, women and children;

the prints of adults about 17 to 20 inches in length, and corresponding in size and shape to the Carson City and Blue Ridge prints.

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  1. The Carson City Footprints
  2. The Blue Ridge Footprints (Unknown)
  3. Grand Canyon, 20′, 6.09m petrified
  4. Lawrence Daily Journal – Mar 22, 1900 pg 1.
  5. the ithaca democrate, 10 July 1900 pg 6
    \snd as printed above a giant 30 feet in height


    pp[d 20 feet in height




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