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The Hubbard Discovery
In this magazine for September, 1923, we mentioned a reported discovery by Mr. Samuel Hubbard, of remains of giants in the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Owing to press unreliability, we did not notice this to a great extent. We have now, however, obtained more knowledge on the subject, and there remains no doubt that Mr. Hubbard has actually made a discovery composed of:

An ancient beach, now sandstone, containing

a great number of footprints of a giant race,

men, women and children;

the prints of adults about 17 to 20 inches in length, and corresponding in size and shape to the Carson City and Blue Ridge prints.

  1. The Carson City Footprints
  2. The Blue Ridge Footprints (Unknown)
  3. Grand Canyon, 20′, 6.09m petrified
  4. Lawrence Daily Journal – Mar 22, 1900 pg 1.
  5. the ithaca democrate, 10 July 1900 pg 6
    \snd as printed above a giant 30 feet in height


    pp[d 20 feet in height