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The Fresno Petrified Giant

TheĀ  “Petrified Man” is a great curiosity, and will be exhibited at the
Worlds fair in Chicago. One day will
be set aside for ladies only.

Big Injun ls He.
The petrified man, now on exhibition
At tho Central hotel in this city, undoubtedly ranks high among the curiosities occasioned bv a freak of nature. He was discovered December 12, 1890, about Bixty miles from Fresno, Cal. The marsh in which he was found seems full of petrified wood, clam shells, whale bone, and in fact, everything subject to
petrifaction seems to have been magically touched by the solidifying element. Many professional and scientific men have closely scrutinized this petrified man, made. minute investigation of his entire anatomy and universally agree it is not the work of man. Leaving all circumstantial evidence out of the question the fossil of itself has the absolute
symmetrical anatomical relations that
art would absolutely fail to imitate. Any one who is acquainted with fossils and tho laws of petrification must pronounce this specimen genuine as under
the same laws and conditions solids, fish, shells and other objects, both animal and vegetable, havo turned to stone. C. E. Boinhard, M. D., J. G. Mickle, of Fresno, J. A. Little, M, D., Camp Badger. California, together with
eighty leading physicians of the Golden state and the testimony of over 300
representative citizens of Fresno is unimpeachable . evidenco that the
“Petrified Giant” which measures 0 feet 1 inches was at one time a man and
walked, ran and danced as did the Indian braves of elder days. Col. Poston, of this city, says: “I have seen most of tlis noted statuary ot the world nnd there is not n work of art in existence that bears even a resent-bianc- o to this petrified man. I do not hesitate to pronounce it genulno nnd the greatest cdrjosity I over saw.”

Arizona republican., April 12, 1892, Image 1

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