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Talbot County – Gigantic Skeletons Nearly Eight Feet Tall



Specimens Eight Feet Tall Discovered Near Choptank River.

BALTIMORE, Dec. 13—Gigantic skeletons of prehistoric Indians nearly eight feet tall have been discovered along the banks of the Cnoptank river, in this state by employes of the Maryland Academy of Science. The remains are at the academy building on Franklin street, where they are being restored by the academy expert, John Widgeon.

The collection comprises eight skeletons, of which some are women and children. They are not all complete but all the larger bones have been found, and there is at least one complete specimen of an adult man. The excavations were in progress for months, and the discovery is considered one of the most important from the standpoint of anthropology in Maryland in a number of years. The remains are believed to be at least 1000 years old. The formation of the graves give evidence of this.

During the excavations the remains

of the camps of later Indians were revealed. These consisted of oyster shell heaps, charred and burned earth and fragments of cooking utensils. These discoveries were made fully ten feet above the graves which contained the gigantic ske2etons.

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