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Swartkrans, Giant ape or Giant Man?

Swartkrans, Giant ape or Giant Man?

Bones of a Giant Ape Man Found in South Africa

BERKELEY. Calif., Dec, 1. (AP): South Africa has yielded the bones of another ape man larger than the recently discovered Giant Man of Java who must have stood nine feet tall. Swartkrans

The University of California¬† announced that fossil remains of the new type were foind in a limestone cave near Swartkrans, Africa, by Dr. Robert Broom. South African paleontologist of the Transvaale museum. Details of the discovery were cabled to Wendell Phillips, leader of the university’s African expedition operating near Johannesburg. Phillips have returned to the Berkeley campus. Swartkrans

Dr, Broom said: Swartkrans

“On the evidence to date, we can say that a new type of ape man has been discovered. Larger than those previously known. Already conclusive evidence has been obtained that these apemen are alike, and probably ancestral to man, and not closely related to living apes.”

He said the new find would be called Swartkrans men.

Research done by Rephaim23

Giant Monkey Skulls.

I am going to tell you something that you probably will not hear anywhere else. The search for ape man in africa is one motivated by racism and justified genocide of its inhabitants. Also monkeys can be found in large quantities and varieties in Africa, knowing that every animal has a greater ancestry Africa is the most likely place to find Giant Monkeys.

All of the decades of searching in Africa for this mythical half man, has only yielded giant monkeys that are portrayed because of their larger brain sizes as halfway in size between apes and humans. Occasionally you are bound to get one too big, with characteristics larger than modern man this one of those cases. In the future i plan on collecting monkey skulls in the museum and link them to their greater ancestors, giant monkeys now being misinterpreted as apeman.

~Chris L Lesley



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