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Susquehanna County, Gigantic Skeleton

The Camden journal. volume, July 23, 1836, Image 3Skeleton of Prodigious Size

To the Correspondent of the Pennsylvania Lyceum:

John Forest, who resides about a mile from this village, in digging a well lately, about fifteen feet below the surface of the earth, came across a skeleton of prodigious size. Dr. Sturges and Dr. Patterson both pronounced it a human skeleton of gigantic proportions, and necessarily of a genus long since extinct, and corresponding with the mastodon or mammoth in the brute order. The thigh bone is two feet and three inches in length, and the skull is frightful. One of the teeth, a grinder, is enormous, and is in a perfect state of preservation. It is as large as the cork of a porter bottle, with two prongs and indented exactly like a human tooth. The workmen have not yet completed the extraction of all the bones, and great excitement prevails. Two medical men from New York have offered the owner of the farm 100 dollars for the skeleton, which our doctors have advised him to refuse.

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  2. Susquehanna County, Gigantic Skeleton
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