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Skeletons of Indian Giants of Great Size

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This county was originally settled by
Germans from Pennsylvania, who were a
plain, and industrious people, and thrifty
farmers. In the early years they suffered
many cruelties and hardships from the
Indians and French. Colonel Peter Muhlenburg,
afterwards a general in the Revolution,
was a Lutheran minister, and distinguished
himself by bravery and cool
valor ; he settled in this county from Pennsylvania,
when quite young. The bones
and skeletons of Indian giants of great size
have been dug up in this county, comparing
with those mentioned in Captain Smith’s

The Daily state journal., May 06, 1873, Image 3

About The Daily state journal. (Alexandria, Va.) 1868-1874

There is a consistency with the findings, every state that has a mound. Some people may ask “why only in the 1900’s?”. It’s not only in the 1800’s, there was a surge in the opening of the Indian mounds in the 1800’s. There was a limited number of these mounds so there is less publicity before and after because there was less opening of the mounds before and after.

~Chris L Lesley