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Skeletons – Gigantic – Great – Huge


Fourteen immense slate coffins dating back to prehistoric times have been unearthed on a new road. In each coffin was the skeleton of a man of gigantic stature. The head was of great size, and had huge jawbones. The coffins were found at a depth of 12 feet.

The discovery of 14 slate coffins containing the skeletons of prehistoric humans of gigantic stature is a fascinating and significant archaeological find. The fact that these skeletons were found at a depth of 12 feet indicates that they are likely very ancient, and the size of the skulls and jawbones suggest that these individuals were much larger than modern humans. The question that arises is, why were these people so much larger than their modern-day counterparts?

The thoroughness of the measurements and the professionalism of the archaeologists and other experts who excavated and analyzed the skeletons is crucial to our understanding of this ancient race. The fact that these individuals were so much larger than modern humans raises questions about human history, and what factors may have contributed to their above-average height. It is possible that factors such as nutrition, environment, and genetics played a role in the development of these prehistoric humans.

The eyewitness accounts of those who were present during the excavation of these skeletons provide valuable insights into the significance of this discovery. Their descriptions of the immense size of the skulls and jawbones give us a sense of the awe and wonder that these ancient humans must have inspired in their contemporaries.

The discovery of these giant skeletons raises important questions about the history of the human race and where we may be headed in the future. As our understanding of human history and prehistory continues to change, it is likely that we will uncover more mysteries and surprises about our ancient ancestors. One thing is certain, the discovery of these 14 slate coffins and the skeletons of their gigantic inhabitants is an important contribution to our knowledge of human history, and will continue to inspire researchers and scientists for generations to come.

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