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Shiawasse County – At Least 10 Ft Tall


Owasso, Mich., March 29. – Guy Gould, residing on a farm south of Durand, has unearthed a large human skeleton which has been buried in a sand pit near his home. The bones, which are in a perfect state of preservation, indicate that he was at least ten feet tall. The skeleton was found in a sitting posture and several pieces of pottery of curious glaze finish were found scattered about the bones.

As a giant researcher, I find the discovery of a 10-foot-tall human skeleton in Owasso, Michigan to be quite intriguing. The fact that the bones were found in a sitting posture is indicative of a burial ritual or cultural practice of the people who lived in that area thousands of years ago. The preservation of the bones is also remarkable and will allow for further study by experts in the field.

The article mentions the discovery of pottery pieces with a curious glaze finish scattered around the skeleton. This could indicate that the individual had some level of status or importance in their society. The presence of pottery and other artifacts can also provide clues about the culture and way of life of the people who lived in the area during that time period.

Eyewitness accounts of professionals who were present during the excavation of the skeleton would be valuable in determining the accuracy of the reported size of the skeleton. It is important to note that while the discovery of a 10-foot-tall skeleton is certainly rare, it is not unprecedented in the field of giant research.

The frequency of above-average height in ancient human populations is a subject of ongoing debate and research. While some argue that these individuals may have been afflicted with gigantism, others believe that they were simply part of a larger, taller population that existed at the time.

Regardless of the cause of their height, the discovery of such skeletons can shed light on the lives and cultures of ancient peoples. It is important to continue to carefully measure and document such discoveries in order to deepen our understanding of human history.

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