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Shell Heap Skulls

C. L. Herrick, Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama. Large collection from mounds near Chickasaw, Colbert County, Alabama, consisting of flakes, rude implements, chipped celts, cutting tools, hammerstones, arrow and spear-heads, and fragments of pottery. Collection from shell-heaps near Waterloo and from Cheathem’s Ferry, Lauderdale County, Alabama, consisting of shells of which the heaps are composed of flint flakes, rude implements, arrow and spear heads, one clay vessel, fragments of pottery, and of human skull and bones.

March 2, 1883.

smithsonianknowledgeSmithsonian Institution’s Bureau of Ethnpants on firesmithsonianology, 44th Annual Report Shell Heap, Colbert County, Alabama¬† March 2, 1883. P 197

Nephilim Chronicles Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley pp54