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The Largest Skeleton Ever Found – The Exhumation of an Antediluvian Human Skeleton. From the Sauk Rapids Sentinel, 18th.Day before yesterday, while the quarry men employed by the Sauk Rapids Water Power Company were engaged in quarrying rock for the dam which is being erected across the Mississippi at this place, they found imbedded in the solid granite rock the remains of a human being of gigantic stature. About seven feet below the surface of the ground and about three feet and a half beneath the upper stratum of rock, the remains were found imbedded in the sand, which had evidently been placed in the quadrangular grave which had been dug out of the solid rock to receive the last remains of this antediluvian giant. The grave was 12 feet in length, four feet wide, and about three feet in depth, and is today at least two feet below the present level of the river. The remains are completely petrified, and of gigantic dimensions. The head is massive, and measures thirty-one and a half inches in circumference, but low in the front, and very flat on top. The femur measures twenty-six and a quarter inches, and the fibula twenty-five and a half, while the body is equally long in proportion. From the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, the length is ten feet nine inches and a half. The measure around the chest is fifty-nine and a half inches. This giant must have weighed at least 900 pounds when covered with a reasonable amount of flesh. The petrified remains, and there is nothing left but the naked bones, now weigh 3041 pounds. The thumb and fingers of the left hand, and the left foot, from the ankle to the toes, are gone; but all the other parts are perfect. Over the sepulcher of the unknown dead was placed a large flat limestone rock that remained perfectly separated from the surrounding granite rock.

These wonderful remains of an antediluvian, gigantic race are in possession of a gentleman who had started with it to his residence East. This gentleman, it is said, will send the remains to Boston, and possibly we may hear all that can be said on the subject by the learned in these things. It is supposed by some of our ablest men, among whom is General Thomas, that many more skeletons will be found during the process of excavating the granite rocks in this place. Some think that these remains were deposited in this sarcophagus prior to the formation of the present strata of rocks that now abound here, but this is mere conjecture.

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