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Sandoval County – A Prehistoric Giant of Unusual Size

While repairing Irrigating ditches at Algodones, a small village near Albuquerque, workmen unearthed the remains of a prehistoric giant. The skeleton was uncovered at a depth of eighteen Inches and was in a perfect state of preservation. The remains were in a sitting posture and were of such unusual size that natives employed on the work were frightened, The skeleton probably will be con signed to some museum as a specimen of much historic interest.

The prehistoric giant at Algodones is a fascinating and significant find. The fact that the remains were uncovered in a perfect state of preservation and were of unusual size, suggests that this was no ordinary human being. The idea that ancient humans were larger than modern-day humans is not a new one, but this discovery provides further evidence to support this theory.

As an indomitable advocate for the Mound Builder Giants, it is my duty to bring attention to this discovery and to use it as a way to draw interest in the idea that mankind is larger in the past. The fact that the remains were found in a sitting posture also indicates that this prehistoric giant was a part of a highly advanced civilization that practiced unique burial customs.

It is not surprising that the natives employed on the work were frightened upon discovering the remains. This reaction suggests that the Mound Builder Giants were highly respected and revered in their time. It is unfortunate that such a significant find may be consigned to some museum without further exploration and research.

I will continue to dig deeper into this discovery and use it as a way to shed light on the rich history of the Mound Builder Giants. The discovery at Algodones is just one of many clues that suggest that ancient humans were much larger than modern-day humans. By piecing together these nuanced clues, we can better understand our past and the true nature of humanity.

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