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Salt Lake County – OF VAST STATURE


Human Remains Dug Up by Road
builders on Bishop
McRaes Farm
Imtc tim Point to Immcme Sue of
Jeccn tNl AborlginoIeiu 1rob
ably Jfttiy Years
County load omploycn working near
Bishop McHaos farm near Fourteenth
South and Jordan rIval this morning
unearthed o human skeleton As soon
as thin news spread there wa a wild
scramble to lce who should b first
to get n look at the bones Whn
Deputy Sheriffs Toe Sharp und Andy
Smith arrived ou th scene they were
confronted with a crowd numbering
nearly 100 persons All were curlew
and many storied were told of persons
who were missing 2or 30 years ago
and who had never been heard from
silica There wrc oftois to lay wugert
that the skeleton UUH tho buncH ol
no lesit thnn 18 different Persons The
outcoilio of tho betting was In doubt
when thu deputies left the place with
the bones In a gunny Back
In the sheriffs olllce tilt bag was
opened und the trailer spread on I
newspaper An examination of the
skull revealed the sloping forehead
high crown nnd check bones character
istic of an Indian Further examina
tion disclosed an almost perfect sot of
teeth Their general form showed
plainly that thu bones wcro those
Which once supported u copper colored
aborigine probably 50 years ngo or
more The locality Is known to havo
been an old Indian camping and burial
giound for many relics havo been
found In tho neighborhood
The sheriffs force und others who
have viewed the bones declare that
they were once tho frame woik of nil
Indian ot great height The tooth are
peculiar they are sharp alI the soL Is
complete The enamel Is almost worn
away but every one Is In place

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