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Salt Lake County – Gigantic Bones of a Man

A “WHAT IS IT” – Parts of a Mammoth Human Skeleton Found In a Field South of the City

Two workmen, in digging a foundation, exhumed the gigantic bones of a man – parts of a huge human skeleton which must have supported the flesh and muscles of a MAMMOTH GIANT, of an earlier age than this. The men commenced work several days ago and were down over six feet when the discovery was made. At about 11 o’clock this morning, one of the men named Joseph Johnson was picking at a bed of hardpan when he noticed a hollow sound and forcing his pick through the crust, he found that there was quite a vacuum there. He called his partner’s attention to the fact, and fearing that they had run into an old well, the two began to work more cautiously. By persistent picking, a large piece of the crust was loosened, and then by prying with their shovels, it was turned over and found to be the natural earthen cover to A GHASTLY TOMB.

The first sight that caught their eye was a huge bone, and upon moving the dirt from about it, they discovered the skeleton foot attached and the loosened knee joint. The immense size of these parts startled the men so that they were tempted to leave it and get assistance before attempting to do any more, but upon second thought, they decided to explore a little further. Digging along the line of the first bone to the south, they worked about an hour and finally succeeded in getting out the thigh bone whole. This took them to the south wall of the excavation, and as further progress can be made only by digging through six feet of ground, they decided to let the thing alone for the present.

As quick as a conveyance could be secured, the bones were brought up to the city and taken to the Deseret Museum where they can be seen up to the hour of closing this evening. The length of the limb from the toe to the top of the thigh bone is nearly nine feet, the foot in itself measuring over half a yard. The lateness at which the news of the discovery was received prevents a detailed description, but there are some interesting facts yet to be exhumed with the trunk and head.

The place where the discovery was made is about two city blocks south of Liberty Park and belongs to the Johnson mentioned above.

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