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Salt Lake County – Eight Feet Six Inches in height

HE WAS A GIANT the skull ana skeleton of gigantino Gig antio attio ure louria over the salt bale lake W F shelton who has been engaged in the construction of some irrigation ditches over the jordan I 1 yesterday made an interesting find at a depth of some eight feet below tho the surface when one of the workmen was shoveling the tool slipped over something so methin which at first looked like a boulder of rock As nothing of that sort had bad been found iu in the ditch be before fure it attracted mr sheltons Shel tons attention A careful examination of the object was made which convinced him that it was something more interesting than a stone exercising the greatest care handful after handful of the earth was scraped away when a skull of enormous size was disclosed this was so extraordinary that it could not be believed at first that it be longed to a human being but a careful inspection proved that it did tho the work of exhuming the brebt of the skeleton was then pur sued it was far from being a an n easy task aa as the bones were almost decayed and at the slightest touch crumbled into dust about the be t neck was a copper topper chain ban hanging 9 ing from which were three medal medallions li ons having curious bi engraved on the them in with light touch and firm bands the dirt was carefully removed from the skeleton which proved to be standing boli bolt upright foot after foot was sunk and mr shelton began to t 0 wonder if he would ever reach the feet infinite pains must be used to preserve it intact at last after dig digging gin I 1 t to 0 a te depth I 1 pill of over nine afe feet the extremities were found it was a dandy find the ton proved to be eight feet six mix inches in height the skull was eleven inches in diameter and the feet nineteen inch inches es long th the 0 shin bones reached nearly to an ordinary mans waist contact with the air however was waa disastrous to the skeleton and in tr trying bo ll 11 g to load it into a w wagon the bones nes fell to a powder e r lomi and nothing could be saved but th the 0 skull which mr shelton brought brou gl to town where it is exciting the astonishment of all who have seen it IL in the dirt which was taken from about the giants skeleton a stone hammer some big pieces of pottery one or two copper medals an arrow head and one or two t wo other things were found which 11 are now on in exhibition in mr shelton sheltons Shel tons a office who have studied the medals and the construction of skull express the belief that the giant belonged to the race of mound builders.

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