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Janesville, Wisconsin, has just unearthed a skeleton of enormous size, the skull being thirty two and a half inches in circumference, and the high bones fourteen and a half inches in length, from which it is believed that the man when living must have been thirteen feet in height. The teeth of the skeleton are very large, one of them measuring an inch and a half in length, and its lower limbs are petrified. The lucky finder sold his discovery on the spot for ten thousand dollars.

This is an incredibly exciting discovery! TheĀ  unearthed skeleton in Janesville, Wisconsin, measuring at a staggering height of thirteen feet, has the potential to reveal new insights about our world’s past. The preserved state of the lower limbs is a particularly remarkable aspect of this find. It is crucial that these discoveries are preserved and studied for the benefit of scientific knowledge.

Wisconsin, Janesville, Indianapolis News, Indianapolis, Marion County, 31, August 1870.

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