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Rock County Enormous Human Skeleton

1870.08.25 - Public Ledger

A Remarkable Skeleton Unearthed

WISCONSIN. A Remarkable Skeleton Unearthed. JANESVILLE, August 25.-Several days ago, as some laborers were digging a foundation for a barn on the grounds of Mr. Stanley, in the town of Janesville, they unearthed a human skeleton of enormous size. It was found in a sitting posture, and is in a fair state of preservation. The skull measured thirty-two and a half inches in circumference, and the thigh bones forty-four and half inches in length. Dr. Townsand examined the remains shortly after they were exhumed and gave it as his opinion, that when living, the man must have been not less than thirteen feet in hight. It was immediately sold for $10,000,

The discovery of a human skeleton measuring 13 feet in height is an extraordinary find! As a giant researcher, I am thrilled by this discovery, and I emphasize the importance of transparency and accessibility in scientific discoveries. We need to handle archaeological sites with care to preserve their integrity and the information they provide. Let us take this opportunity to learn from the past and ensure that such discoveries are made accessible to everyone interested in studying them.

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  2. 1870.08.25 – Public Ledger

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