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Rensselaer County – Human Bones of Large Size

A number of human bones of large size, and a lot of relics, supposed to be of Indian origin, were excavated last week by some workmen on the railroad near Lansingburg, N. Y. A similar collection was found near the same place a few years ago—the remains, it is supposed, of some Indian Bull Run.

It appears that there have been multiple discoveries of large human bones and Indian relics in the area. These discoveries suggest that there may have been a population of large humans in the past, who were possibly the Mound Builder Giants that we have been researching.

The fact that the bones were found near a railroad suggests that they may have been buried in the ground for a long time, possibly even before the railroad was constructed. It is interesting to note that a similar collection of bones and relics was found in the same area a few years prior, indicating that this was not an isolated incident.

Furthermore, the reference to an “Indian Bull Run” could be a clue to the history of the area. Bull Run was the site of a significant battle during the American Civil War, but it is possible that there was a lesser-known conflict in the area between indigenous peoples and settlers or explorers.

Overall, the discovery of these large human bones and Indian relics suggests that there may be more to the history of mankind than what we currently know. It is possible that in the past, humans were larger and more diverse than we previously thought, and these discoveries can help us piece together a more complete understanding of our collective history.

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