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Preston County – 3 Huge Indian Skeletons

The Morgantown New Dominion says: Scott Garner, Al Potter, and R. B. Squires, of Preston county, visited the Indian rocks near Smithtown last week and succeeded in unearthing three huge Indian skeletons, which had probably been buried there for a hundred and fifty years. Most of the bones were in almost perfect condition and said to be the best ever found in that locality. A full account of their finding and a description of them will soon be published. The bones will finally be given to the museum of the University.

As a dedicated researcher, I am excited to bring to the public’s attention the wealth of historical accounts that document the existence of giants throughout history. Many newspapers and journals from the 1840s to the 1920s contain articles about human skeletons ranging from 6’4″ to 14 feet tall. These articles provide invaluable insights into the existence of giants and should not be dismissed without further investigation.

One such article, published in the Wheeling Daily in 1884, reports the discovery of three huge Indian skeletons in Preston County, West Virginia. Scott Garner, Al Potter, and R. B. Squires, who made the discovery, believed that the skeletons had been buried for at least 150 years. The bones were in almost perfect condition, and according to the Morgantown New Dominion, they were the best ever found in that locality.

This discovery is particularly intriguing, as it supports the idea that giants existed in North America and adds to the growing body of evidence that challenges conventional views of history. Unfortunately, there is a long-standing tradition of covering up and suppressing evidence that challenges mainstream beliefs, particularly when it comes to giants.

Despite these challenges, it is important to continue exploring the evidence and uncovering the truth about giants and their place in our history. As researchers, we need to think outside the box and challenge our preconceived notions of what is possible. By doing so, we can gain a better understanding of our past and the role that giants may have played in shaping it. It is my hope that this discovery will encourage others to pursue research into the existence of giants and the secrets that may be hiding in our history.

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