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Jay County Indiana Giants

In Jay County, Portland Indiana during a gravel excavation human skeletons are being removed.

These remains are collectively said to be an early race of Indians, greater ancestors, known to the Early European Immigrants into North America.

The skull as described by O. Clayton the city engineer was said to be sloping and a strange shape. (elongated skull or Neanderthal)

He exclaimed; that the skull was indeed large but larger skulls have been found recently. The teeth were in very good condition and many of the skeletons were said to be displayed at the County Surveyors office.

Many of the skeletons and bones found now are on display in the office of the county surveyor.

One thing that brings legitimacy to other stories from around the area is the documented fact that O. Clayton gives cross verification to other finds in the area of giant skulls.

Chris L. Lesley


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