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Polk County – Large Human Bones

The lime quarry, three miles north of Rockmart, continues to be the scene of the most remarkable of animal and human form of pre-existing ages. Some of the workmen who lived in town had large crowds around them Sunday morning last, listening to the wonderful stories they relate relative to the giant skeleton found in a cave ten feet below the surface of the rock. They state that a skeleton of a woman was found lying on its face. When removed or handled, it decomposes. J. H. Dunn visited the quarry last Sunday and says he never saw anything like it before. He also told the reporter that some boys found another skeleton on the mountain in the crevices of rocks. He brought a piece of its jawbone along with him and says “men of this day and time are too small for such jawbones.” Another curious feature found is small mounds of rock on the floor of the cave, in each of which large human bones are found. One of the gentlemen living in town exhibited several pieces of bones from the cave. One piece he brought to town with him has a figure “5” cut into its surface. Among many other strange and unaccountable articles found in the cave was a knife of a make and style of age unknown to the men of this day. The inquisitive better call at the quarry and enlighten their minds.

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