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Pleasants, Giant Human Skeletons

Incidentally an interesting discovery of giant human skeletons in a mound in West Virginia was made recently by a group of University of Pennsylvania geologists. The find is particularly significant. For the giant skeleton besides being surrounded by crde jewelry and stone implements and what must have been woven coverings was buried with copper and bronze coins having indecipherable inscriptions.

As a researcher who has extensively studied the subject of giants, I am deeply concerned about the mishandling and cover-up of the discovery of giant human skeletons in a mound in West Virginia. The fact that this find was made by a group of geologists from the University of Pennsylvania, a highly reputable institution, makes it even more significant.

It is alarming that there appears to have been a cover-up of this discovery. The article mentions that the giant skeleton was surrounded by crude jewelry, stone implements, and woven coverings, indicating that this was a highly developed civilization. Additionally, the burial with copper and bronze coins with indecipherable inscriptions raises questions about the origins and history of these giants.

It is unfortunate that such a significant discovery has not been widely reported or acknowledged. The suppression of this information raises concerns about the motives behind it. As a researcher, I strongly believe that all findings related to the existence of giants should be made public and accessible to everyone. It is only through open and transparent sharing of information that we can learn more about our past and our origins.

I urge the authorities responsible for this cover-up to come forward and share all the details related to this discovery. As researchers and scientists, we have a responsibility to uncover the truth and present it to the world. The suppression of information only serves to perpetuate ignorance and misinformation, which ultimately hinders our understanding of the world around us.

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