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Platte County – IS A GIANT


Discovery of Prehistoric Skeleton in
Wyoming of the Greatest Value
to Science Hartville WOL Stein of this
place has reported a remarkable discovery made recently in the hills near the great Chicago iron mine of the Colorado Fuel and Iron company in Whalen canyon While prospecting Stein came upon a prehistoric cave In which he heI found an almost perfect skeleton of a man implements of stone and charred wood in an ancient fireplace The cave was undoubtedly the habitation of pre historic man its occupant being caught in a landslide and his cavern home becoming his tomb His body was preserved by the powerful minerals in the soil The
The skeleton has been sent to the Smithsonian institution and Is believed to be the only skeleton of the cave dwellers extant forming an important archaeological discovery The bones of the arm are longer in proportion to the rest of the body than those of modem man and in stature when living the man was a giant.  So rich is this section in the remains of prehistoric races that Stein has recommended it be made the subject of apecial investigation by the government as well as by leading colleges and museums

The Richmond climax., March 28, 1906, Image 1


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