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Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. TWO GIANT SKELTONS

Petrified Bones of Man and Woman Discovered by Pennsylvania
Quarryman. Pittabargh, Pa. Two petrifed Skeletons- one of a man of giant stature and the other of a woman somewhat smaller- were found in a cavern blasted out of solid blue rock in a Hulton hillside by quarrymen. A crevice led into a cavern about six feet high and fifteen feet square. Geologists , say they evidently belong to a prehistoric age. Pittsburg Pittsburg Pittsburg

Texas gazette., June 11, 1915, Image 8

About Tensas gazette. (St. Joseph, La.) 1886-current

The article is vague on the description. We need more to go on and information is available out there. We need a good “giant-hunter” to investigate. As with any of these stories they are just the start-off for investigation. If you live in the area of these giants and would like to be a field-agent for GAWM, just contact me through this website and report back your information on the comments area of the page you research.

~Chris L Lesley