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The skeleton of a huge man was uncovered at the Berkley farm, Lake Korinig, Minnesota. While at Moose Island and Pine City, bones of other giants came to light.

As a researcher in the field of giant archaeology, I am deeply troubled by the mishandling and potential cover-up of the find reported in the St. Paul Globe article from August 12, 1896.

The discovery of a skeleton of a huge man at the Berkley farm in Lake Korinig, Minnesota, is a significant find that warrants further investigation and study. However, it is alarming that there appears to have been little to no follow-up on this discovery, and the fate of the unearthed skeleton is unknown.

What is even more concerning is the report that bones of other giants were discovered in Moose Island and Pine City, yet there is no further information or evidence of any research or study conducted on these findings. This lack of attention and action towards these discoveries is an injustice to the scientific community and the public who have a right to know about our past and the existence of giant beings.

It is important that we acknowledge and explore all discoveries related to our past, including those that challenge our current understanding of history. The potential existence of giants is a significant aspect of our past that deserves proper attention and investigation.

Therefore, I urge the authorities and relevant institutions to take immediate action towards uncovering the truth about these finds, to ensure that they are not ignored or swept under the rug. The public deserves transparency and access to the findings and knowledge that could shed light on our past and the mysteries that still remain.

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