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Paluxy State Park Tracks 1975

Giant-size Footprints Puzzle for Scientists

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Giant-size footprints puzzle for scientists By JACK MAGUIRE

— Did men 16 feet tall once roam the Paluxy River around what is now Glen Rose, Somervell County?

Dr. C.N. Dougherty thinks so. For several years, he has spent a couple of afternoons a week searching out and photographing the riverbed in Dinosaur State Park. Along with the tracks these prehistoric monsters left in the soft limestone, there are also footprints of giant men.

Dr. Dougherty, who has written a book called “Valley of the Giants,” has photographed man-like tracks that measure 21 1/2 inches in length.

Paleontologists know that dinosaurs roamed that area of Texas millions of years before man. Their tracks, found in great numbers along the Paluxy, are accepted as authentic. As yet, however, scientists aren’t ready to accept the man tracks as dating back to the dinosaur period.

“I cannot prove what I believe,” Dr. Dougherty says. “But I do accept the fact that man and dinosaur did live at the same time. After all, the Bible says that God created them both on the same day.”
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