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Ozark County – 27″ femur

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This article is poorly written and confusing. First of all “Judge Wilkins of Tecumseh Miss” <- this is a mistake i have done myself. “Miss” is short for Mississippi, the confusing thing is that Mississippi and Missouri start with “Miss” at the start. Mo is the abbreviation for Missouri today. Here it means Missouri, because there is a Tecumseh Missouri but not a Tecumseh Mississippi. 
The next item clears up any confusing Lets use a better regression formula 3.7575 vs what i call suppressive formulas that render outcomes as much as 1 1/2 feet short.
So we take the length of the femur 27″ and multiply it by 3.7575 and that gives you: = (107.08875 inches 8ft 11.08999992) comparing Robert Wadlow’s height at: (107.09 ” 8’11.09″.)
With academia’s regression formula applied to Robert Wadlow’s femur you get the estimated height of Robert Wadlow at 7  feet 10 inches… 

So when academia estimates a skeleton know that it is necessary to ask for the femur length and multiply 3.7575 to the length of that femur to get the correct height. Not a giant chopped down to comfortable bite sizes. 

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